Wendy Kleiner


It all starts with the readiness to create a connection between you and your environment. A wanting to align with the supportive energies of your home in order to create real change. A longing for the comfort and peace that can only be felt with this type of design, because your home is an extension of you.


Do you want to lead a more prosperous life? Do you want to attract the right people into your life? There are energies that you might need in order to support your desires. You can create a balanced energetic environment that supports you and everyone in your environment, as well as enhancing energies in order to bring your desires to fruition quickly.

The environment you live in says a lot about you in the present and if it doesn’t match where you want to be in life, you can change it for the better.


Our HEAL Design offers expert design services with a mindful approach. Intentional Design that balances beauty, function, natural elements, spatial energy, and sustainability.

We offer full design services with preferred artisans and contractors. Our HEAL Design services include architectural, new build, full home renovation, outdoor and interior design. We offer beautiful custom and semi-custom furnishings as well as sustainable products. We provide exclusive design services for both residential and commercial projects.

Please note, an in-person consultation is required for this service.

" Everyone wants to be connected, wants to feel loved, and wants to feel at peace in their space."

There will be clues along the way on how to get there. Most of the time we need an outside perspective and the experience to know how to achieve this.

– Wendy Kleiner



Design function is very important to the energy of a well put together space that functions well are easy to maintain, organize, and clean. Energy that is clean moves freely with pure intentions so you can create exactly what you want in your life from a magical place.


The color in your home has a huge impact on your daily life because we are living and breathing the energies from room to room. Every color holds certain energies and has a personal and emotional connection for us all. Everyone sees color differently. Find out how we help you to realize the perfectly blended color palette that makes you and your family feel joyful and supported.


The flow of energy from room to room is about cohesion, furniture placement, and shapes. Our designs assist you to create the proper flow to achieve the highest vibrational energy for wellness and manifestation. Proper energy flow helps create the pathways and direction for the natural energy to move through your home, as well as the direction of your goals.


Lighting is a crucial part of any design. We use layered lighting for ambience, mood control, and function, as well as taking it to another level with temperature—controlled lighting. Lighting is not only for function or to make a space beautiful, it determines how you and others feel for long periods of time. You can create a greater sense of wellness with different colored layered lighting.


Bringing in nature and live plants not only adds oxygen to your environment. It brings us a sense of peace and calmness reminding us that just like nature we respond to natural cycles and rhythms. We match the correct natural elements and plants for your personal enhancement and lifestyle.


Accessories are not just pretty things around your room. Everything you bring into your home should have meaning, have purpose, and be mindful. Not only do we accessorize for the beautification of your space but also meaningfully, so you are reminded of the intentions you are setting. This mindful accessorizing brings your dreams into reality.


Crystal energy can be powerful as well as fun. We help you to choose the right crystal energies, care, and placement in your home to gain extra support for your intentions. Crystals hold energy and can be “programmed” to hold and vibrate the energies you desire. All our crystals are ethically sourced and have positive vibrations, they are cleaned, charged, and set with the highest intentions. We guide our clients where to place them to achieve optimal benefits and we can even show our clients how to set their own crystal intentions. Looking for a loving environment? Using a rose quartz crystal placed in your master bedroom can hold a loving vibration for you to enjoy.


Personalized and custom photos and digital art create an emotional connection that you can see and feel every day. It can be an uplifting, modern and artistic way for you to feel the wonderful emotions you once felt but in a fresh new way, while also creating a connection to your home. It will bring a new sense of grounding and belonging to your space.


Gratitude and Appreciation are the highest vibes on an emotional scale! When we emit high vibes, we attract the same type of energy back to us. When you focus on what you are appreciative for, you bring to you more things to appreciate. So, what’s the best way to keep your home and yourself filled with high vibrations – an Altar of Appreciation. We show you how you can turn any shelf or any area of your home into an area of gratitude that you can maintain and display all that you are thankful for.


The layout of your home can affect how you and your home hold energies. We go through a process of assessing your home’s floor plan to determine if there are draining energies that need to be addressed and remedied. Our team then creates personalized cures for any energies that are not healthy or life supporting. We work with our clients to change these energies so they can feel the difference in their lives.  Although this process is not an overnight fix, it brings an awareness to the clients so they can connect with their space and bring about positive change.


The number of your home has meaning. Knowing the meaning of your house number and how to align with your home is very important to achieving your family dynamic and goals. We love working with people to create this connection and bring balance to the home.


Patterns just like colors, evoke emotion. We all have patterns that make our hearts sing and bring about positive feelings and emotions. Find out what patterns mean and how certain patterns can bring a sense of comfort and peace to your surroundings based upon your personality and individual needs.


Certain scents can bring about positive changes in our homes from creating a relaxing environment, to stimulating the senses, to creating an energetic environment. We can help guide you to creating your own combination of scents to achieve what you are looking for from room to room. Falling asleep in your office? Having trouble sleeping? Aromatherapy can be an added bonus to a specialized design created with your goals in mind.
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