Wendy Kleiner

We are Specialized Interior Designers who focus on designing spaces with the proper energy to align your spirit and improve your life.


Welcome, I'm Wendy

Through my intentional Metaphysical Design Process, you will learn how to align your inner-self with your outer environment in order to create a beautiful highly functional space that gives you a sense of comfort and peace. My goal is to transform the appearance and energy of your space while creating a deep connection so you can maximize your truest potential and easily reach your goals.

Whether your objective is to be more productive or create a more relaxing environment, my Metaphysical Design approach will leave you with a beautiful and individualized space that holds uplifted intentional energy that you will enjoy for years to come.

Interior Design


Are you ready to energize and uplift the vibration in your space? Let Wendy provide her expert design advice on how to transform the appearance and energy of your environment to help you connect with your home and align with your truest self.

The environment you live in says a lot about you in the present and if it doesn’t match where you want to be in life, you can change it for the better.


Work with Wendy and her team to receive expert design advice on how to transform the appearance and energy of your space to fit your lifestyle, as well as bring wellness into your environment. Enjoy all the benefits of this expertise right from the comfort of your home.


HEAL™ products are mindfully created, high vibrational products and collections, intended to cleanse, clear, and uplift the energy of any space. These products have been created with the highest intentional energies of Love, Harmony, Balance, Healing, Abundance, and Clarity.

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