Wendy Kleiner


Whether you want to feel a positive energy shift in an area of your life or you want to create the life of your dreams, your physical space, residential or commercial, needs to be supportive of your goals.

Well-designed and aligned spaces create an energy balance that impacts our mood, productivity, rest, and even our relationship with others. Our HEAL™ designs are intentional, empowering, and uplifting; leaving clients with spaces that are beautiful, functional, and inspirational.


My HEAL™ design concept is an intuitive and mindful approach to design. It’s a unique method of design that allows our team to help our clients achieve a deep connection between themselves and their environment that can enhance their personal intentions.

After assessing a client’s home energies, goals and needs, it is through intentional energetic design that you are able to achieve an environment that supports the client’s emotional and physical well-being


The HEAL HOME concept came from really wanting to communicate to people that the home is not just a shelter, it is energetic, and if you align with the energy of your space in such a way, you find alignment within yourself as well. HEAL your home. HEAL your life.

As metaphysical designers, we see the home or space as a support system that can assist you in achieving your goals. So not only do we look at aesthetics and function, we concentrate on what I call “the flow” and all the different energies that are in the home or the space. After this alignment is accomplished, the client(s) feel a sense of wholeness, peace and well-being.


Even when we appreciate the beauty of a space, it may seem off in some way. This is the indication that the vibrational energy is out of sync with your inner energy. We are the movie writers of our lives and our home environments are the backdrops of that movie. We need to set the stage for our lives by creating spaces that are in tune with our inner beings. This is how we reach our greatest potential.
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